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IDataGroupSeriesProperties Interface

Provides access to members that control grouping of the graph data.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method AddGroupField Add a group field and type.
Method GetGroupField Get a group field and type.
Read-only property GroupFieldsCount Number of group fields.
Method RemoveGroupField Remove the group field.

CoClasses that implement IDataGroupSeriesProperties

CoClasses and Classes Description
LineSeriesProperties A container for the display and manipulation of line graph series.


It provides data grouping for the line series only. It sorts data by group field first, then it is sorted by the sort field (define in IDataSortSeriesProperties) within each group. For example, if station ID is group field, time is the sort field, data will be sorted by station ID first, then sorted by time for each station. Therefore, on the graph, you will see groups of data represented by lines.