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GxPreview Example

The following VBA code will update the ViewClassID to the GxTableView preview (your code should make sure the GxTableView view is one of the support views before setting the property):

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Sub test2() Dim pApp As IGxApplication, pGxView As IGxView Set pApp = Application Set pGxView = pApp.View If TypeOf pGxView Is IGxPreview Then Dim pPrev As IGxPreview, pUID As New UID Set pPrev = pGxView Debug.Print pPrev.ViewClassID pUID = "{9C34344D-99DC-11D2-AF6A-080009EC734B}" 'GUID for GxTableView pPrev.ViewClassID = pUID End If End Sub

[Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++]
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