ArcObjects Library Reference  (GeoDatabase)    

IClassExtension Interface

Provides access to members that initialize and shutdown the class extension.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Required interface for class extensions.  Class extensions should implement behavior that pertains to a specific object or feature class in a geodatabase.

When To Use

IClassExtension should be implemented by all object class and feature class extensions.


Method Init Initializes the extension, passing in a reference to its class helper.
Method Shutdown Informs the extension that its class helper is going away.

CoClasses that implement IClassExtension

CoClasses and Classes Description
AnnotationFeatureClassExtension (esriCarto) An ESRI annotation feature class extension.
DimensionClassExtension (esriCarto) A class extension which contains all the style properties for a dimension feature class.
ForceElements (esriDefenseSolutions) Class extension object used to create force element point feature classes.
GeocodedFeatureClassExtension (esriLocation) A class extension for automatically maintaining geocoded feature classes.
TacticalAreas (esriDefenseSolutions) Class extension object used to create tactical graphic polygon feature classes.
TacticalLines (esriDefenseSolutions) Class extension object used to create tactical graphic polyline feature classes.
TacticalPoints (esriDefenseSolutions) Class extension object used to create tactical graphic point feature classes.