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esriSRUnit2Type Constants

More available units of measure.

Constant Value Description
esriSRUnit_British1936Foot 9095 British Foot (1936).
esriSRUnit_GoldCoastFoot 9094 Gold Coast Foot.
esriSRUnit_InternationalChain 109003 International Chain.
esriSRUnit_InternationalLink 109004 International Link.
esriSRUnit_InternationalYard 109001 International Yard.
esriSRUnit_StatuteMile 9093 Statute Mile.
esriSRUnit_SurveyYard 109002 US survey Yard.
esriSRUnit_50KilometerLength 109030 50 Kilometer Length.
esriSRUnit_150KilometerLength 109031 150 Kilometer Length.
esriSRUnit_Decimeter 109005 Decimeter.
esriSRUnit_Centimeter 109006 Centimeter.
esriSRUnit_Millimeter 109007 Millimeter.
esriSRUnit_InternationalInch 109008 International inch.
esriSRUnit_USsurveyInch 109009 US survey inch.
esriSRUnit_InternationalRod 109010 International rod.
esriSRUnit_USsurveyRod 109011 US survey rod.
esriSRUnit_USNauticalMile 109012 US nautical mile (pre-1954).
esriSRUnit_UKNauticalMile 109013 UK nautical mile (pre-1970).

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


This enumeration contains entries for some of the predefined units of measure. Please see esriSRUnitType for other predefined units of measure. A value corresponds to the factory code used in the Projection Engine library.

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