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IGISServerConnection Interface

Provides access to members that connect to a GIS server. Note: the IGISServerConnection interface has been superseded by IGISServerConnection2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The IGISServerConnection interface provides methods for connecting to an ArcGIS Server and properties for getting references to the server's ServerObjectManager and ServerObjectManagerAdmin for using and administering server objects, respectivly.

When To Use

Use the IGISServerConnection interface when your application needs to connect to an ArcGIS Server to either make use of and create new objects running in the server, or your application needs to perform administration tasks on the server.


Method Connect Connects to the GIS server specified by the machineName.
Read-only property ServerObjectAdmin The server object admin for the connected GIS server.
Read-only property ServerObjectManager The server object manager for the connected GIS server.

CoClasses that implement IGISServerConnection

CoClasses and Classes Description
GISServerConnection The ServerConnection object for connecting to the GIS server and getting the ServerObjectManager and ServerObjectAdmin.


In order to succesfully connect to the ArcGIS Server using the Connect method on IGISServerConnection, the user account running the application must be a member of the agsusers or agsadmin user group on the ArcGIS Server. If the account running the application is not a member of one of these groups, the Connect method will return an error.

Once connected, use the ServerObjectManager property on IGISServerConnection to get a reference on the ServerObjectManager. The ServerObjectManager provides methods for listing the server object types and server object configurations that have been configured on the server. The ServerObjectManager also provides methods for creating server contexts to provide access to and allow for the creation of server objects running within the server.

If the user account running the application is a member of the agsadmin user group on the ArcGIS Server, the ServerObjectAdmin property on IGISServerConnection can be used to get a reference on the ServerObjectAdmin. If the user account running the application is not in the agsadmin user group, the ServerObjectAdmin property will return and error.

The ServerObjectAdmin provides methods for managing server object configurations, server object types and the machines that host sever objects in the ArcGIS Server.