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esriServer GISServerConnection Example

[Visual Basic 6.0]

The following VB code shows how to use the ServerConnection to connect to an ArcGIS Server running on a machine

called "melange", and print out the names and types of the server object configurations configured on the server:

   Dim pGISServerConnection As IGISServerConnection
  Set pGISServerConnection = New GISServerConnection
  pGISServerConnection.Connect "melange"
  Dim pServerObjectManager As IServerObjectManager
  Set pServerObjectManager = pGISServerConnection.ServerObjectManager
  Dim pEnumConfigInfo As IEnumServerObjectConfigurationInfo
  Set pEnumConfigInfo = pServerObjectManager.GetConfigurationInfos
  Dim pConfigInfo As IServerObjectConfigurationInfo
  Set pConfigInfo = pEnumConfigInfo.Next
  Do Until pConfigInfo Is Nothing
    Debug.Print pConfigInfo.Name & ": " & pConfigInfo.TypeName
    Set pConfigInfo = pEnumConfigInfo.Next

The above code assumes that ArcObjects have been installed on the machine which is running the VB applicaiton

(by installing the ArcGIS Server Container, ArcEngine, or ArcGIS Desktop).

[Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++]
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