Process states

Each process in a model is in one of three states:

• Not-ready-to-run

• Ready-to-run

• Has-been-run

When you initially drag a tool into a ModelBuilder window, the process is in a not-ready-to-run state (the tool is white) because the required parameter values have not been specified, as shown below.

This process is not ready to run

A process is ready-to-run when the tool has all required parameter values. Processes that are ready-to-run are symbolized in color—input (or project) data elements are blue, tool elements are yellow, and output data (derived data) elements are green, as shown below.

This process is ready to run

If you run the model from within ModelBuilder, the tool and derived data elements are displayed with drop shadows, indicating that the process has run and the derived data has been generated, as shown below.

This process has run

The not-ready-to-run state means that the model cannot be run within ModelBuilder. If your empty data or value variables are exposed as model parameters, you can run the model by opening its dialog from the ArcToolbox window, since the user of the dialog will provide valid values. The example below, from Creating a simple model, cannot be run from ModelBuilder but can be run from ArcToolbox since the Output Table variable is a model parameter, which is all that is needed to run the tool.

Creating a model 11

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