Reconcile SDE versions in batch mode


Recursively reconciles and optionally posts and deletes all versions in a versioned GeoDatabase.

Allows user to connect to a versioned GeoDatabase, select a version, and the tool will try to reconcile, optionally post, and optionally delete every version under that version.
ArcEditor: VB6

Platforms: Windows

Requires: Versioned GeoDatabase

Minimum ArcGIS Release: 9.0

How to use:
  1. Run BatchReconcile.exe
  2. Browse and select a Versioned GeoDatabase.
  3. Select a Version to Reconcile/Post everything below.
  4. Optionally select if you want to post.
  5. Optionally select if you want to delete the version after post.
  6. Click Start.

Download the VB6 files
frmBatchReconcile.frm Main form containing all the logic.
BatchReconcile.exe Batch Reconcile executable.
>BatchReconcile.vbp Batch Reconcile project.

Download the files for all languages

Key Libraries: Geodatabase
Key CoClasses:VersionedWorkspace
Key Interfaces: IVersionedWorkspace, IWorkspaceEdit, IVersionEdit, IEnumLockInfo, ILockInfo
Key Members:IVersionedWorkspace.FindVersion, IVersion.VersionInfo, IVersionEdit.Reconcile, IVersionEdit.Post, IVersion.VersionLocks