Versioning service


The Versioning service sample shows how you can write a "service" to routinely check when versions have been flagged as ready to be reconciled and posted and do it automatically. This allows the editor to start editing another version without having to do the reconcile and post themselves.

There are two parts to this sample.

The first part is called SubmitVersion. It is a command that runs within ArcMap. It flags a version as ready to be reconciled and posted by the ReconcileService.

The other part is called ReconcileService. It is an execuatable that loops through the versions flagged by SubmitVersion, reconciling and posting each one to it's parent version.
ArcEditor: VB6

Platforms: Windows

Requires: Versioned Geodatabase

Minimum ArcGIS Release: 9.0

How to use:
  1. Install the files in the ReconcileService directory on one machine that will be running the service.
  2. Run ReconcileService.exe and point it to your SDE database.
  3. Install the files in the SubmitVersion directory on one or more machine that will be used for editing with ArcMap.
  4. Add the SubmitVersion.dll to ArcMap through the customize panel.
  5. Go to the category "Versioning" and drag "Submit Version to Reconcile Service" to an ArcMap toolbar.
  6. Select a workspace to reconcile in the table of contents and click on the "Submit Version to Reconcile Service" button.
  7. If the ReconcileService is listening, it will automatically reconcile the version.

Download the VB6 files
SubmitVersion/SumbitVersionCmd.cls The Command that writes to the table that a version is ready to be reconciled/posted.
SubmitVersion/SubmitVersion.vbp The project file for the Submit Version tool.
SubmitVersion/SubmitVersion.dll The compiled project.
ReconcileService/frmMain.frm The main form with all the logic for reconciling/posting.
ReconcileService/frmOptions.frm For for setting configurable parameters like how often to check for new versions to reconcile/post.
ReconcileService/ReconcileService.vbp The project file for the Reconcile Service.
ReconcileService/ReconcileService.dll The compiled project.

Download the files for all languages

Key Libraries: Geodatabase
Key CoClasses:VersionedWorkspace
Key Interfaces: IVersionedWorkspace, IWorkspaceEdit, IVersionEdit, IEnumLockInfo, ILockInfo
Key Members:IVersionedWorkspace.FindVersion, IVersion.VersionInfo, IVersionEdit.Reconcile, IVersionEdit.Post, IVersion.VersionLocks