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RepresentationRule CoClass

An object defining a representation rule.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


RepresentationRule object is a collection of basic symbols such as BasicLineSymbolBasicFillSymbol and BasicMarkerSymbol along with MarkerPlacement used for representing features within a representationclass. Complex symbols can be created by incorporating  one or more geometric effects into your rule. 

Standard ArcGIS symbols such as SimpleMarkerSymbol, SimpleLineSymbol etc implementing ISymbol interface can also be converted to a representation rule using IRepresentationRuleInit interface. When a standard ArcGIS symbol is converted to a representation rule, it may contain either one or more basic symbol layers.

The graphic attributes present for a rule can be overriden using regular attribute fields.

Use IRepresentationRule interface to manage the individual symbol layer within a rule.

Extended Error Information

Use the ISupportErrorInfo method InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo to determine if the object supports extended error information. If the object supports extended error info, VC++ developers should use the OLE/COM IErrorInfo interface to access the ErrorInfo object. Visual Basic developers should use the global error object Err to retrieve this extended error information.


Interfaces Description
IClone (esriSystem) Provides access to members that control cloning of objects.
IDocumentVersionSupportGEN (esriSystem) Provides access to extend the IObjectStream interface with methods to hande saving objects that did not exist in previous versions of the software.
IDrawingOutline Provides access to methods dealing with the outline of a drawing rule.
IFieldOverrides Provides access to a collection of field overrides.
IGeometricEffect Provides access to the Geometric Effect Interface.
IGeometricEffects Provides access to members that control the geometric effect list.
IMapLevel Provides access to members that control the map level.
IPersist Defines the single method GetClassID, which is designed to supply the CLSID of an object that can be stored persistently in the system. IPersist is the base interface for three other interfaces: IPersistStorage, IPersistStream, and IPersistFile.
IPersistStream (esriSystem)
IRepresentationRule Provides access to members that control a representation rule.
IRepresentationRule2 Provides access to members that control a representation rule.
IRepresentationRuleInit Provides access to members that initialize a representation rule.
ISupportErrorInfo Indicates whether a specific interface can return Automation error objects.
IXMLSerialize (esriSystem) Provides access to members that XML serialize and deserialize an object to/from XML.
IXMLVersionSupport (esriSystem) Provides access to members that help in serializing an object to different namespaces (versions).
[Visual Basic 6.0]

The following code snippet shows how to get access to a RepresentationRule object given with its name. The name of the representation rule can be changed to get access to a different representation rule.

    Dim pRules As IRepresentationRules
    Dim pRule As IRepresentationRule
    Dim lID As Long, sName As String
    Set pRules = pRepClass.RepresentationRules
    pRules.Reset 'Resets all representation rules
    pRules.Next lID, pRule
    Do Until pRule Is Nothing 'Loop thru rules till you find a match
        sName = pRules.Name(lID)
        Debug.Print "The rules name is: " & sName
        If sName = "Pacific" Then 'Change name for a different rule
            Exit Do 'Exit loop after a match is found
        End If
        pRules.Next lID, pRule
    Debug.Print pRule.LayerCount 'Print symbol layer count