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IConstructDomainExtent Interface

Provides access to members that construct domain extents based on defined precision. Note: the IConstructDomainExtent interface has been superseded by IConstructDomainExtent2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method ConstructDomainExtent Constructs a new envelope by expanding the input envelope about its center. Scale is typically a power of 10 indicating the number of sig figs to preserve. If its zero, the extent is expanded 1.5 times (subject to some constraints).
Method ConstructZMDomainExtent (deprecated, use ConstructZMDomainExtent2) Constructs a low precision Z or M domain extent centered on the specified extent. scale is 1/(desired resolution). If scale is 0.0, a default of 1,000,000.0 is used.

CoClasses that implement IConstructDomainExtent

CoClasses and Classes Description
GeometryEnvironment Provides a way of creating geometries from different inputs and setting/getting global variables for controlling behavior of geometry methods.


The methods on this interface are typically used to define domain extents for data sources that cannot persist that information. For example, the domain extent of a shapefile is determined as follows: The XY domain extent is the square enclosing the horizon of the shapefile's spatial reference. If geometries in the shapefile have M or Z attributes, then the current minimum and maximum values for those attributes are used to construct corresponding domain extents.