ArcObjects Library Reference  (Geometry)    

IGeometryEnvironment3 Interface

Provides access to members that control additional global geometry variables. Note: the IGeometryEnvironment3 interface has been superseded by IGeometryEnvironment4. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property AngularAutoDensifyTolerance The default angular increment to be used with angular densification.
Read/write property AutoDensifyTolerance The maximum distance by which on-the-fly deviation-based densification may differ from the original. If the value is less than or equal to zero, the system will try to pick a reasonable tolerance at the time of densification.
Read/write property DeviationAutoDensifyTolerance The default deviation distance to be used for curve segment densification.
Read/write property DicingEnabled Indicates whether large polygons are diced before being sent to GDI. True by default.
Read/write property NoDiceLimit Polygons with fewer than this number of vertices will not be drawn/printed as a collection of trapezoids.
Read/write property Pre81Compatibility Indicates if some geometric operations are compatible with releases previous to 8.1. When set to false, return errors for some illegal relational operations (default is true).
Read/write property UseAlternativeTopoOps Indicates whether alternative versions of polygon intersection and union should be used.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeometryEnvironment2 Provides access to members that control additional global geometry variables.
IGeometryEnvironment Provides access to members that control global geometry variables.

CoClasses that implement IGeometryEnvironment3

CoClasses and Classes Description
GeometryEnvironment Provides a way of creating geometries from different inputs and setting/getting global variables for controlling behavior of geometry methods.