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DatabaseLocatorWorkspace Class

A locator workspace that stores locators in a Geodatabase.

DatabaseLocatorWorkspace is a non-creatable object. References to non-creatable objects must be obtained through other objects.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux

Extended Error Information

Use the ISupportErrorInfo method InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo to determine if the object supports extended error information. If the object supports extended error info, VC++ developers should use the OLE/COM IErrorInfo interface to access the ErrorInfo object. Visual Basic developers should use the global error object Err to retrieve this extended error information.


Interfaces Description
IDatabaseLocatorWorkspace Provides access to members for inspecting a Geodatabase locator workspace.
ILocatorAttach Provides access to members that attach locators to datasets.
ILocatorAttach2 Provides access to members that attach locators to datasets.
ILocatorWorkspace (esriGeoDatabase) Provides access to members for managing the locators in the locator workspace.
ISupportErrorInfo Indicates whether a specific interface can return Automation error objects.


There are three types of locator workspaces in ArcGIS. DatabaseLocatorWorkspaces contain locators in an ArcSDE database. LocalLocatorWorkspaces contain locators on the local file system or on a shared network drive. AGSServerLocatorWorkspaces contain locators on an ArcGIS Server.

DatabaseLocatorWorkspaces are locator workspaces that reside inside ArcSDE databases. These objects contain ArcSDE locators and locator styles. Each ArcSDE database has a DatabaseLocatorWorkspace, which is represented in ArcCatalog as the Address Locators folder inside an ArcSDE database connection.

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