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IBufferConstruction.ConstructBuffers Method

Constructs buffer polygons at the specified distance for the set of input geometries. The input geometries can be a mix of polylines, polygons, points and multipoints.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Sub ConstructBuffers(
    ByVal pInputGeometries As IEnumGeometry, _
    ByVal distance As Double, _
    ByVal pOutputBuffers As IGeometryCollection _
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub ConstructBuffers ( _
    ByVal pInputGeometries As IEnumGeometry, _
    ByVal distance As Double, _
    ByVal pOutputBuffers As IGeometryCollection _
public void ConstructBuffers (
    IEnumGeometry pInputGeometries,
    double distance,
    IGeometryCollection pOutputBuffers
public void constructBuffers (
    IEnumGeometry pInputGeometries,
    double distance,
    IGeometryCollection pOutputBuffers
HRESULT ConstructBuffers(
  IEnumGeometry* pInputGeometries,
  double distance,
  IGeometryCollection* pOutputBuffers



  pInputGeometries is a parameter of type IEnumGeometry


  distance is a parameter of type double


  pOutputBuffers is a parameter of type IGeometryCollection

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


ConstructBuffers can be used with GeometryBag objects to buffer collections of geometries that are staged in memory. Alternatively, clients can provide implementations of IEnumGeometry and IGeometryCollection to avoid staging inputs and outputs in memory.

The behavior of this method is affected by the various properties exposed on the IBufferConstructionProperties interface. For example, you can define the DistanceOffsets property in order to have this method generate multiple buffers for each input geometry. You can control the quality of the curve approximations used during buffering using the DensifyDeviation property. You can specify that overlapping buffers will be unioned together before being returned using the UnionOverlappingBuffers property, etc.

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