Package com.esri.arcgis.beans.TOC

The TOCControl works in conjunction with a 'buddy control'.


Class Summary
TOCBean The TOCBean is a wrapper class of TOCControl to facilitate the use of TOCControl at the design time.
TOCBeanBeanInfo A java bean info class asscociated with TOCBean.
TOCBeanCustomizer A JavaBean Customizer associated with TOCBean.
TOCBeanGeneralPanel A general property panel used in the Customizer of the PageLayoutBean.

Package com.esri.arcgis.beans.TOC Description

The TOCControl works in conjunction with a 'buddy control'. The 'buddy control' can be a MapControl, PageLayoutControl, ReaderControl, SceneControl or GlobeControl. The TOCControl uses the 'buddy control' to display an interactive tree view of its map, layer and symbology contents.

For information on how to use this package, see the object model diagram.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.