Multipatch Footprint (3D Analyst)

Converts multipatches into polygons. The output polygons represent the 2-D area covered by the multipatches when viewed from directly above.


MultipatchFootprint illustration

Usage tips


MultipatchFootprint_3d (in_feature_class, out_feature_class)
Parameter Explanation Datatype
Input Feature Class (Required)

The input multipatch feature class.

Feature Layer
Output Feature Class (Required)

The output 2-D polygon feature class.

Feature Class
Data types for geoprocessing tool parameters

Script Example

# Purpose: Get a 3D multipatch feature class' 2D footprint.

# Create the Geoprocessor object
import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

#Check out the 3D Analyst extension
gp.CheckOutExtension ("3D")


    # Set the workspace (to avoid having to type in the full path to the data every time)
    gp.workspace = "D:/Docs1/GP/GPOutput"

    # Select the 3D Analyst Toolbox
    gp.toolbox = "3D"

    # Process: create a multipatch footprint
    gp.multipatchfootprint_3d ("Test.gdb\\B747", "B747.shp")

    # If an error occurred while running the tool print the error messages
    print gp.GetMessages()

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