Identity (Analysis)

Computes a geometric intersection of the Input Features and Identity Features. The Input Features or portions thereof that overlap Identity Features will get the attributes of those Identity Features.

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Identity_analysis (in_features, identity_features, out_feature_class, join_attributes, cluster_tolerance, relationship)
Parameter Explanation Datatype
Input Features (Required)

The input feature class or layer.

Feature Layer
Identity Features (Required)

The identity feature class or layer. Must be polygons.

Feature Layer
Output Feature Class (Required)

The feature class that will be created and to which the results will be written.

Feature Class
JoinAttributes (Optional)

Determines what attributes will be transferred to the Output Feature Class

  • ALL—All the attributes (including FIDs) from the Input Features as well as the Identity Features will be transferred to the Output Feature Class. This is the default.
  • NO_FID—All the attributes except the FID from the Input Features and Identity Features will be transferred to the Output Feature Class.
  • ONLY_FID—All the attributes from the Input Features but only the FID from the Identity Features will be transferred to the Output Feature Class.

XY Tolerance (Optional)

The minimum distance separating all feature coordinates (nodes and vertices) as well as the distance a coordinate can move in X or Y (or both). You can set the value to be higher for data that has less coordinate accuracy and lower for datasets with extremely high accuracy.

Linear unit
Keep relationships (Optional)

Choose if you want additional spatial relationships between the Input Features and Identity Features to be written to the output. This only applies when the Input Features are lines and the Identity Features are polygons

  • NO_RELATIONSHIPS—No additional spatial relationship will be determined.
  • KEEP_RELATIONSHIPS—Left and right polygon information will be determined for line on polygon identity and written into the RIGHT_poly, LEFT_poly field in the output.

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Script Example

# Description: Simple example showing use of Identity tool
# Requirements: Python and the Python win32all extension
# Author: ESRI
# Data 1/1/2004

# Create the geoprocessor
import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

# Use error trapping in case a problem occurs when running the Identity tool
    gp.identity_analysis("wells", "counties", "wells_w_county_info")

    # If an error occurred, print out the error message
    print gp.GetMessage()

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