Feature Class To Coverage (Conversion)

Creates a single ArcInfo coverage from one or more input feature class or layer.

Usage tips


FeatureclassToCoverage_conversion (in_features, out_cover, cluster_tolerance, precision)
Parameter Explanation Datatype
Input Feature Classes (Required)

The input feature classes or layers used to create a single ArcInfo coverage, including the type of features the coverage will be composed of.

(Feature Layer String; Feature Layer String;...)
Output Coverage (Required)

The output coverage to be created.

XY Tolerance (Optional)

The minimum distance separating all feature coordinates (nodes and vertices) as well as the distance a coordinate can move in X or Y (or both). You can set the value to be higher for data that has less coordinate accuracy and lower for datasets with extremely high accuracy.

Linear unit
Precision (Optional)

The precision of the output ArcInfo coverage.

  • DOUBLE— The Output Coverage will have double precision. This is the default.

Data types for geoprocessing tool parameters

Script Example

import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.workspace = "c:/test_data"
gp.featureclasstocoverage "harvestable.shp polygon; final_forest/polygon region; road.lyr arc",  "parkland", "1.25", "double" 

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