Building an INFO Query

All features in the Input coverage are divided into two sets: a selected set and an unselected set. The selected set comprises the features to be merged, extracted, or deleted. At the start of the Select tool or Eliminate tool, all features are selected. You must use a query to identify the features to be in the final selected set.

Steps to Building an INFO Query

  1. Open Query Builder.
  2. Choose a Selection method:
  3. Choose an item from the Items list; for example, LENGTH. (Notice that the Values list on the right is populated.)
  4. Choose an Operator from those available.
  5. Choose a value in the Values list, for example, 5000. (Notice that the Current expression text box is updated with every selection you add.)
  6. To extend or constrain your expression, choose a Connector such as 'AND' or 'OR' and repeat steps 3 through 5, and possibly 6 as needed.
  7. Click the down arrow to add your expression to the list.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 through 7 to build additional expressions in your query.

Plus button Adds the current info expression and method to the expression list.

Remove button Removes the selected info expression and method from the expression list.

Up button Moves the selected info expression and method up the expression list.

Down button Moves the selected info expression and method down the expression list.