Clean (Coverage)

This tool only works with an ArcInfo license and will only be available in ArcToolbox if you have installed ArcInfo Workstation.

Generates a coverage with correct polygon or arc-node topology. To do this, Clean edits and corrects geometric coordinate errors, assembles arcs into polygons, and creates feature attribute information for each polygon or arc (that is, creates a PAT or AAT).

While processing, Clean:

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Clean_arc (in_cover, out_cover, dangle_length, fuzzy_tolerance, feature_type)
Parameter Explanation Datatype
Input Coverage (Required)

The coverage to be cleaned.

Output Coverage (Optional)

The coverage created by Clean. If the Input Coverage and the Output Coverage have the same name, the Input Coverage will be replaced. By default, the Input Coverage is replaced.

Dangle Length (Optional)

The minimum length allowed for dangling arcs in the Output Coverage. A dangling arc is an arc that has the same polygon internal number on its left and right sides and ends at a dangling node. Dangling arcs are removed for both the POLY and LINE options. If the Dangle Length is not provided, the dangle length is read from the coverage TOL file if the TOL file exists. Otherwise, dangle length is set to zero (the default).

Fuzzy Tolerance (Optional)

The minimum distance between coordinates in each Output Coverage.Learn more about how the Default Fuzzy Tolerance is Calculated

Feature Type (Optional)

Specifies whether to create polygon topology and a PAT or arc-node topology and an AAT. POLY is the default option. If POLY is used on a coverage that has an existing AAT, Clean will also automatically rebuild the AAT.

  • POLY—Polygon topology and a PAT are created. If POLY is used on a coverage that has an existing AAT, Clean will also automatically rebuild the AAT. POLY is the default option.
  • LINE—Arc-node topology and an AAT are created.

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Script Example

import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.workspace = "c:/myData"
gp.toolbox = "arc"
gp.clean("zones", "zones", "#", "0.25", "POLY")

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