Select (Coverage)

This tool only works with an ArcInfo license and will only be available in ArcToolbox if you have installed ArcInfo Workstation.

Extracts selected features from an input coverage and stores them in the output coverage. Features are selected for extraction based on logical expressions or by applying the criteria contained in a selection file. Any item, including redefined items, in the specified feature attribute table of the Input coverage can be used.

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Reselect_arc (in_cover, out_cover, info_express, in_feature_type, selection_file, out_feature_type)
Parameter Explanation Datatype
Input Coverage (Required)

The input coverage containing the features that will be selected.

Output Coverage (Required)

The output coverage containing the selected features.

Info Expression (Required)

Build a query using Query Builder to create one or more logical expressions to select features from the input coverage.

  • Subset—Reduces the selected set of records with a selection expression to those that meet its criteria. If no selection expression follows, the selected set will be empty.
  • Add—Adds unselected records that meet the selection expression criteria to the currently selected set. If no selection expression follows, the selected set will contain all features.
  • Switch—Reverses the current selection to the unselected set.

INFO Expression; INFO Expression...
Feature Type (Optional)

Select discovers the feature classes in the Input coverage and offers those available for selection:

  • Poly—Polygons are reselected using PAT item values.
  • Line—Arcs are reselected using AAT item values.
  • Point—Points are reselected using PAT item values.
  • Anno.<subclass>—Annotation from the specified subclass is reselected using TAT subclass item values.
  • Route.<subclass>—Routes from the specified subclass are reselected using RAT subclass item values.
  • Section.<subclass>—Sections from the specified subclass are reselected using SEC subclass item values.
  • Region.<subclass>—Regions from the specified subclass are reselected using the region PAT subclass item values.

Selection File (Optional)

A selection file is a preexisting file that identifies the features to select.

Output Feature Type (Optional)

The feature class in the output coverage. This must be the same as that of the input feature class, with this exception: When the input feature class is an Anno, Route, Section, or Region subclass and the output coverage is the same as the Input coverage, the output feature class must have a different subclass name.

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Script Example

import arcgisscripting
gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.workspace = "c:/Workspace"
gp.toolbox = "arc"
gp.reselect("roads", "tch", "RESELECT ROAD_CLASS = 'TCH'", "LINE")

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