Masks, or sets to NoData, all cell locations in the first input raster that have been assigned NoData in the second input raster on a cell-by-cell basis within the Analysis window.


Select Mask illustration

Usage tips

Map Algebra


See Extract by Mask

Map Algebra syntax

SelectMask(<grid>, <mask_grid>)

Parameter Explanation
<grid> An input integer; floating-point raster; or any valid combination of rasters, numbers, operators, and functions that produces an output raster.
<mask_grid> An input integer, floating-point raster, or an expression resulting in a raster. Cells with NoData on the <mask_grid> will be assigned NoData on the output raster.

Map Algebra example

selectmask(ingrid1, maskgrid)				
selectmask(ingrid1, ingrid2 + ingrid3)
selectmask(ingrid1, select(ingrid2, 'value > 5'))
selectmask(ingrid1, con(ingrid2 < 20, 0, ingrid2))
selectmask(ingrid1 + ingrid2, maskgrid)
selectmask(ingrid1, isnull(ingrid2))

ArcObjects syntax

See Raster

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