Installing the license manager

The license manager allows you to install ArcGIS Desktop and ArcInfo Workstation on as many machines as you want. The number of licenses purchased determines the number of users who can run the products simultaneously. You may purchase licenses for ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and ArcView.

The license manager can be installed on a machine where ArcGIS floating products will be run or on a machine where only the license manager will be installed. Other ArcGIS installations will define that license manager during the installation process.

License manager requirements

FLEXlm communicates through TCP/IP, which must be installed and functioning properly on any Windows license server. TCP/IP requires either a network card along with its drivers or the MS Loopback Adapter installed on your Windows workstation.


Notes about installing the license manager

  • The ArcGIS 9.3 License Manager can coexist with the 8.x License Manager. When you install the ArcGIS 9.3 License Manager on a computer where an ESRI 8.x License Manager is already installed, the license manager can serve licenses to both 9.x and 8.x installations.

  • The 8.x License Manager will not be uninstalled when you install the 9.3 License Manager on the same computer.

  • If you have an existing license manager, which is not an ArcGIS 9.x License Manager, you must install a 9.3 License Manager for ArcGIS 9.3 installations to access.  


How to install the license manager

For more information about installing, using, or troubleshooting the license manager, see the License Manager Reference Guide, LMRefGuide.htm, available in the documentation folder of the ArcGIS Desktop media.

To install only the license manager:

  1. Plug the hardware key into the LPT1 or USB port - depending on the type of key received.

  2. Log in as a user with administrative privileges.

  3. Close all applications on your computer.

  4. Insert the media to automatically launch the startup dialog box with the installation options of which the License Manager is one.

  5. The License Manager setup is also provided when you select the ArcGIS Desktop link from the DVD front end options.

The startup dialog box presents the ability to install the applications locally on your machine, on a network server for clients to install from, or to install only the license manager. To install the license manager on your machine, choose the third option. This option starts the \license\LMsetup.exe license manager installation from the media.



  1. During the license manager installation, you will be prompted for the location of your license file. This refers to the license file you received from ESRI customer service.

Once you have completed the license manager installation, you can supply the license manager information to those users installing ArcGIS Desktop. They can browse to this network license manager when prompted for the license manager machine during their ArcGIS Desktop installation.

For more information about using or troubleshooting the license manager, see the License Manager Reference Guide, lmrefguide.htm, available in the Documentation folder of the ArcGIS Desktop CD. After installing the license manager, this guide is also available from Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS License Manager > License Manager Reference Guide or in the installation folder, C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\Documentation\lmrefguide.htm.

The License Manager installation will require a reboot of your computer. After rebooting, reinsert the media for the installation options dialog or navigate to the setup.exe to start the ArcGIS Desktop setup program.