Developing Web Applications with the Web ADF - Web controls  

DockExtender control

The DockExtender control is designed to dock controls to a specific position on top of a Map control.  It builds on the ExtenderControlBase class included with the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit .  Frequently OverviewMap, Navigation, ZoomLevel, and ScaleBar controls are placed on top of a Map to enhance the look and feel of an application.  Use the DockExtender to define the position of a control relative to the Map instead of manually positioning the control over the Map.       

Assembly: ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.UI.WebControls.dll
Class: ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.UI.WebControls.DockExtender

Using the DockExtender control
  1. Add the controls to the page

    The DockExtender control requires a ScriptManager in the page to function.  Add a ScriptManager as the first control in the page.

    Add a DockExtender, MapResourceManager, and a Map control to the page.   Add a valid map resource item to the MapResourceManager and buddy it with the Map.  

    Add a control to dock within the Map.  In this example, and OverviewMap control will be used.  Add an OverviewMap control to the page and set the Map and map resource item it will display.     

  2. Set the DockExtender control properties 

    Select the DockExtender control.  In the Properties page:
    1. Set the DockControlId property to the id of the Map control added earlier.  This property defines the control in which you want to dock another control and can only be associated with a Web ADF Map control.  
    2. Set the TargetContrlId property to the control you want to dock in the Map.  Use the id of the OverviewMap control added earlier.    
    3. Set the Alignment property to position the target control (OverviewMap) within the dock control (Map).   Nine options are available describing the corners, sides and center of the dock control.   
    4. Optional: set the OverviewMap's BorderColor property to Black and BorderStyle property to Solid.  This will enable you to discern between the Map and docked OverviewMap control.  

  3. Runtime use

    At runtime, the target control (OverviewMap) is positioned and displayed on top of the Map control.   Note, the position of the target control at design-time is not important since the DockExtender control determines its location at runtime.   In this example, the Alignment property of the DockExtender control is set to "TopRight".  



  The following table provides a list of properties of interest.  For complete reference information, see the DockExtender control in the library reference section.

Property Name  Type Description
Alignment ContentAlignment The position of the docked control within the Map. 
DockControlId string The id of a Map control in which another control will be docked.
TargetControlId string The id of the control to dock within a Map control.