Developing Web Applications with the Web ADF  

Working with Tasks

Tasks are defined as a set of related actions that provide common results.  The concept of a task is presented at a number of levels within ESRI products.  ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing services provide server tasks to perform work in a GIS Server.  ArcExplorer tasks are designed to consolidate related actions in a desktop client application as well as be distributed distinct components.   The Web ADF also provides a task framework to create, integrate, and distribute components, or "Web tasks".  In essence, a Web task is a ASP.NET Web control that utilizes and extends the Web ADF task framework to encapsulate custom functionality in a distributable component.  The framework includes a set of interfaces and abstract classes to create custom tasks, a set of controls to support task management and results, and a pluggable architecture to integrate a custom task in Visual Studio or ArcGIS Manager.  In addition, a set of out-of-the-box task controls are included with the Web ADF to support some of the common GIS functionality requirements in a Web application.   Each of these topics will be discussed below: