Developing applications with the ArcGIS Server JavaScript APIs  


Some applications that you build may not require the advanced functionality of the Web ADF. For example, suppose you just want to embed a map into a non-GIS Web application, or create a simple overlay of your data on an online base map. These scenarios, sometimes called mashups, are supported by REST and JavaScript APIs that have been added to ArcGIS Server at version 9.3.

These applications consist of client-side JavaScript and related dynamic HTML. No server-side code (ASP.NET, etc.) is required for these applications, although it is possible to use server-side logic for additional functionality. The APIs use online JavaScript libraries that are hosted by ESRI, which makes it easier to deploy the application.

You can build a JavaScript API application without installing any ESRI software. Simply visit the ArcGIS Server Resource Center to access the appropriate JavaScript API:

These APIs use the ArcGIS Server REST API to access information about your services. ArcGIS Server 9.3 deployments expose information about their services through a series of URLs for convenient access by developers. The service information and the corresponding URLs are also available through a visual interface called the Services Explorer.