ArcObjects Library Reference  (ArcMapUI)    

IDocumentEvents Interface

Provides access to events that occur in ArcMap.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Event ActiveViewChanged Fired when the active view changes.
Event BeforeCloseDocument Fired before a document is closed. Return True to abort the close process.
Event CloseDocument Fired when a document is closed.
Event MapsChanged Fired when a change is made to the map collection.
Event NewDocument Fired when a new document is created.
Event OnContextMenu Indicates if a context menu should be displayed at the given xy location. Return true if handled.
Event OpenDocument Fired when a document is opened.

CoClasses that implement IDocumentEvents

CoClasses and Classes Description
Adjustment (esriEditorExt) The Adjustment Tools Editor Extension.
ArcToolboxExtension (esriGeoprocessingUI)
CadastralEditorExtension (esriCadastralUI) Cadastral Editor Extension Object.
DataGraphWindow Window in hosting and displaying data graph.
DocumentEvents Helper coclass for working with the nondefault outbound IDocumentEvents interface in VB.
FindWindowUI Window to display Find dialog in. Deprecated. Please consider using the IFind interface in the Carto library instead.
FMEAnnotation (esriDataInteropUI) FMEAnnotation Class
GpsExtension The GPS extension object.
LocatorExtension (esriLocationUI) An extension for locators in ArcMap.
MapInsetWindow Window to display MapInsets.
MxDocument ESRI Mx Document.
NADirectionsWindowManager (esriNetworkAnalystUI) Network Analyst Directions Window Manager Class.
NetworkAnalystExtension (esriNetworkAnalystUI) The extension for network analysis.
OverviewWindow Window to display Overviews.
Publisher (esriPublisherUI) The Publisher Extension coclass.
ReportSelection Captures selection change, and reports this on the status bar.
SchematicExtension (esriSchematicUI) Schematic Extension object.
TOCCatalogView ESRI TOC Catalog View.
TOCSelectionView ESRI TOC Selection View.


In VBA, use the IDocumentEventsDisp interface instead of IDocumentEvents.