ArcObjects Library Reference  (ArcScan)    

CenterlinesSnap CoClass

Snap agent that snaps to the centerlines of a raster.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires ArcScan Extension.

Supported Platforms



Interfaces Description
IExtension (esriSystem) Provides access to members that define an extension.
ILicensedComponent (esriCarto) Provides access to means to determine if this component is licensed.
IPersist Defines the single method GetClassID, which is designed to supply the CLSID of an object that can be stored persistently in the system. IPersist is the base interface for three other interfaces: IPersistStorage, IPersistStream, and IPersistFile.
IPersistStream (esriSystem)
ISnapAgent (esriEditor) Provides access to members that snap point locations using a tolerance.
ISnapAgentCategory (esriEditor) Provides access to the categories of SnapAgents.
ISnapAgentFeedback (esriEditor) Provides access to feedback in the form of a string to determine what was snapped to.