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IDisplayTable.SelectDisplayTable Method

Creates a selection set from the display table based upon the search criteria.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Function SelectDisplayTable(
    ByVal pQueryFilter As IQueryFilter, _
    ByVal selType As esriSelectionType, _
    ByVal selOption As esriSelectionOption, _
    ByVal pSelWorkspace As IWorkspace _
) As ISelectionSet
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function SelectDisplayTable ( _
    ByVal pQueryFilter As IQueryFilter, _
    ByVal selType As esriSelectionType, _
    ByVal selOption As esriSelectionOption, _
    ByVal pSelWorkspace As IWorkspace _
) As ISelectionSet
public ISelectionSet SelectDisplayTable (
    IQueryFilter pQueryFilter,
    esriSelectionType selType,
    esriSelectionOption selOption,
    IWorkspace pSelWorkspace
public ISelectionSet selectDisplayTable (
    IQueryFilter pQueryFilter,
    esriSelectionType selType,
    esriSelectionOption selOption,
    IWorkspace pSelWorkspace
HRESULT SelectDisplayTable(
  IQueryFilter* pQueryFilter,
  esriSelectionType selType,
  esriSelectionOption selOption,
  IWorkspace* pSelWorkspace,
  ISelectionSet** ppSelset


pQueryFilter [in]

  pQueryFilter is a parameter of type IQueryFilter

selType [in]

  selType is a parameter of type esriSelectionType

selOption [in]

  selOption is a parameter of type esriSelectionOption

pSelWorkspace [in]

  pSelWorkspace is a parameter of type IWorkspace

ppSelset [out, retval]

  ppSelset is a parameter of type ISelectionSet

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

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