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IFeatureRenderer Interface

Provides access to members that control functionality common to all feature renderers.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


All feature renderers implement this interface and it is used by the framework to draw features from a FeatureClass.


Method CanRender Indicates if the specified feature class can be rendered on the given display.
Method Draw Draws features from the specified cursor on the given display.
Write-only property ExclusionSet An object reference to a temporary drawing exclusion set.
Method PrepareFilter Prepares the query filter for the rendering process.
Read-only property RenderPhase Indicates if renderer uses the specified draw phase.
Read-only property SymbolByFeature Symbol used to draw the specified feature.

CoClasses that implement IFeatureRenderer

CoClasses and Classes Description
BiUniqueValueRenderer A bivariate renderer that combines a unique values renderer with a class breaks renderer (either graduated colors or graduated symbol type symbology).
ChartRenderer A chart renderer used to draw pie, bar, and stacked bar chart symbols.
ClassBreaksRenderer A renderer that can be used to draw graduated color (choropleth) and graduated symbol maps.
CoTrackSymbologyRenderer (esriTrackingAnalyst) Symbolizes temporal based features and tracks in order to identify temporal feature characteristics in relation to the temporal reference.
DotDensityRenderer A dot density renderer.
EnhancedInfoRenderer (esriTrackingAnalyst) Symbolizes temporal based features with attribute and spatial information; this renderer is in addition to using the standard event and track renderers.
FeatureVertexRenderer (esriSurveyExt) FeatureVertexRenderer Class
GeoSymRenderer (esriDefenseSolutions) Custom renderer for symbolizing data with GeoSym symbology.
MoleEventRenderer (esriDefenseSolutions) Controls event rendering for the MOLE renderer.
NAStopRenderer (esriNetworkAnalyst) Defines symbology for rendering stops.
ProportionalSymbolRenderer A proportional symbol renderer, used to draw symbols of varying size for each feature, sized in proportion to a field value.
RepresentationRenderer A renderer that draws features using representation information stored in the layer’s data source.
ScaleDependentRenderer A scale dependent renderer that is composed of multiple renderers, each operating within a particular scale range.
SharedEdgeRenderer (esriEditorExt) A renderer that can be used to draw topology elements.
SimpleRenderer A simple renderer where the same symbol is drawn for each feature.
UniqueValueRenderer A unique values renderer where symbols are assigned to features based on an unique attribute values.
UniqueValueTextRenderer (esriTrackingAnalyst) This is a feature renderer that supports rendering points using values from a field in the feature class.