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IIdentifyObj Interface

Provides access to members that control feature identification for a layer.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method CanIdentify Indicates if the object can identify the specified layer.
Method Flash Flashes the identified object on the screen.
Read-only property hWnd The window handle.
Read-only property Layer Target layer for identification.
Read-only property Name Name of the identify object.
Method PopUpMenu Displays a context sensitive popup menu at the specified location.

CoClasses that implement IIdentifyObj

CoClasses and Classes Description
FeatureIdentifyObject (esriCartoUI) Feature Identify Object.
GlobeServerIdentifyObject (esriGlobeCore) Provides programmatic access to a simple globe server layer identify object.
MapServerIdentifyObject (esriArcMapUI) Provides programmatic access to a map server identify object.
RasterIdentifyObj A raster object identified on the display.
RowIdentifyObject (esriCartoUI) Row Identify Object.
SchematicSimpleIdentifyObject (esriSchematic) Schematic simple identify object object.
SearchResultsIdentifyObj (esriCatalog) An object for identifying the contents of a search results layer.
SimpleMapServerIdentifyObject Provides programmatic access to a simple map server layer identify object.
SimpleSurveyObjectIdentifyView (esriSurveyExt) SimpleSurveyObjectIdentifyView Class
SimpleWMSIdentifyObject Provides programmatic access to a simple WMS layer identify object.
WMSIdentifyObject (esriArcMapUI) Provides programmatic access to a WMS map layer factory.


When used on a map layer, the IIdentify::Identify method returns an array of FeatureIdentifyObject objects. On a FeatureIdentifyObject, you can do a QI to this IIdentifyObj interface to get more information about the identified feature. The IIdentifyObj interface returns the window handle, layer, and name of the feature; it has methods to flash the feature in the display and to display a context menu at the Identify location.

The Flash method is not supported with ArcGIS Engine, use the IHookActions.DoActions() method with the esriHookActionsFlash for this functionality.

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