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RepresentationRenderer CoClass

A renderer that draws features using representation information stored in the layer’s data source.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


In the Layer Properties/Symbology/Show list in ArcMap, the Representation Renderer corresponds to a representation class under Representations section.


Interfaces Description
IBarrierProperties2 Provides access to members that control how objects (text, features, graphics) act as barriers for labelling with the cancel tracker.
IDataLayer Provides access to members that control the data source properties of a layer.
IDocumentVersionSupportGEN (esriSystem) Provides access to extend the IObjectStream interface with methods to hande saving objects that did not exist in previous versions of the software.
IExportSupport Provides access to export support members.
IFeatureRenderer Provides access to members that control functionality common to all feature renderers.
IIdentify Provides access to members that identify features.
ILayerSymbologyExtents Provides access to layer extents based on the symbology.
ILegendInfo Provides access to members that control legend information provided by a renderer.
ILevelRenderer Provides access to members that control the drawing of symbols for features, where symbols are separated into levels, and each level drawn separately.
ILookupSymbol Provides access to functionality for looking up a renderer's symbol via a feature.
IPersist Defines the single method GetClassID, which is designed to supply the CLSID of an object that can be stored persistently in the system. IPersist is the base interface for three other interfaces: IPersistStorage, IPersistStream, and IPersistFile.
IPersistStream (esriSystem)
IRendererClasses Provides access to members that provides the information of layer annotation classes.
IRepresentationRenderer Provides access to the properties and methods of a RepresentationRenderer.