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IGraphicAttributes2 Interface

Provides access to members that control the graphic attributes.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


This interface is new at ArcGIS 9.3. It supersedes IGraphicAttributes.


Read-only property Caption Caption of the graphic attribute.
Read-only property ClassCaption Caption of the object containing the graphic attributes.
Read-only property ClassName Class name of the graphic attribute.
Read-only property GraphicAttributeCount Number of graphic attributes.
Read-only property ID ID of graphic attributes.
Read-only property IDByName ID of the graphic attribute, given its name.
Read-only property Name Name of the graphic attribute.
Read-only property Type Type of the graphic attribute.
Read/write property Value Value of the graphic attribute. To erase override, set value to NULL or to original value.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGraphicAttributes Provides access to members that control the graphic attributes.

CoClasses that implement IGraphicAttributes2

CoClasses and Classes Description
BasicMarkerSymbol Basic marker symbol object.
GeometricEffectAddControlPoints Assigns control point status to line vertices.
GeometricEffectBuffer Constructs a buffer polygon from any type of geometry.
GeometricEffectCut Produces a shorter line based on distances at extremities.
GeometricEffectDash Generates a dashed/dotted line based on a template.
GeometricEffectDonut Inserts a hole into a polygon.
GeometricEffectEnclosingPolygon Constructs enclosing polgon. With multipoint input, constructs a polygon that encloses all points.
GeometricEffectMove Applies a move transformation to a geometry.
GeometricEffectOffset Offsets a line by a specified distance.
GeometricEffectRadial Produces a line from a point, based on direction and length.
GeometricEffectRegularPolygon Creates a regular polygon from a point.
GeometricEffectReverse Reverses the direction of a line.
GeometricEffectRotate Applies a rotate transformation to a geometry.
GeometricEffectScale Applies a scale transformation to a geometry.
GeometricEffectSimplify Simplifies a geometry by eliminating vertices.
GeometricEffectSmooth Smooth a geometry by approximation with beziers.
GeometricEffectTaperedPolygon Creates a taper polygon from a line.
GeometricEffectWave Creates a regular wave from a curve.
GradientPattern A gradient fill pattern object.
LinePattern A line fill pattern object.
LineStroke A line stroke object.
MarkerPlacementAlongLine Places markers along a line.
MarkerPlacementAtExtremities Places a marker on each extremity of a line.
MarkerPlacementDecoration Places markers as line decorations.
MarkerPlacementInsidePolygon Places markers in a polygon.
MarkerPlacementOnLine Places one marker along a line.
MarkerPlacementOnPoint Places a marker on a point.
MarkerPlacementOnVertices Places markers on curve vertices.
MarkerPlacementPolygonCenter Places one marker at the center of a polygon.
MarkerPlacementRandomAlongLine Places markers randomly along a line.
MarkerPlacementRandomInPolygon Places markers randomly within a polygon.
MarkerPlacementVariableAlongLine Places markers with variable size along a line.
SolidColorPattern A solid color pattern object.