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IDataset Interface

Provides access to members that supply dataset information.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The IDataset interface is the main interface used to manage a dataset.


Read/write property BrowseName The browse name of the dataset.
Method CanCopy True if this dataset can be copied.
Method CanDelete True if this dataset can be deleted.
Method CanRename True if this dataset can be renamed.
Read-only property Category The category of the dataset.
Method Copy Copies this dataset to a new dataset with the specified name.
Method Delete Deletes this dataset.
Read-only property FullName The associated name object.
Read-only property Name The name of the Dataset.
Read-only property PropertySet The set of properties for the dataset.
Method Rename Renames this Dataset.
Read-only property Subsets Datasets contained within this dataset.
Read-only property Type The type of the Dataset.
Read-only property Workspace The workspace containing this dataset.

CoClasses that implement IDataset

CoClasses and Classes Description
AdjustmentClass (esriSurveyPkgs) AdjustmentClass Class
AMSWorkspace (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the Tracking Server workspace COM object's properties.
ASCoordinateClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ASCoordinateClass Class
ASPointClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ASPointClass Class
AttributedRelationshipClass ESRI Attributed Relationship Class object.
CadAnnotationLayer (esriCarto) An ESRI Cad annotation layer.
CadastralFabric (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) A container for querying information about a cadastral fabric.
CadFeatureLayer (esriCarto) ESRI CAD Feature Layer class.
COGOAdjustmentClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOAdjustmentClass Class
COGOCircularCurveClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOCircularCurveClass Class
COGOCompositeMeasClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOCompositeMeasClass Class
COGODeflAngleDistClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODeflAngleDistClass Class
COGODeltaXYClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODeltaXYClass Class
COGODirDirInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDirInterClass Class
COGODirDistClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDistClass Class
COGODirDistInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDistInterClass Class
COGODistDistInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODistDistInterClass Class
COGOFilletCurveClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOFilletCurveClass Class
COGOSimpleMeasClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOSimpleMeasClass Class
COGOStationAndOffsetClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOStationAndOffsetClass Class
COGOTraverseClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOTraverseClass Class
CoverageAnnotationLayer (esriCarto) An ESRI coverage annotation layer.
DimensionLayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for a dimension layer.
FDOGraphicsLayer (esriCarto) A collection of properties for an annotation layer (feature data object graphics layer).
FeatureClass ESRI Feature Class object.
FeatureDataset ESRI Feature Dataset object.
FeatureLayer (esriCarto) A collection of features and their visual representation.
FreeStationClass (esriSurveyPkgs) FreeStationClass Class
GdbRasterCatalogLayer (esriCarto) Geodabase RasterCatalog source and display options.
GeometricNetwork ESRI Geometric Network object.
ImageServerLayer (esriCarto) Image server layer source and display options.
IMSSubFeatureLayer (esriCarto) A collection of IMS features as a sublayer of an IMSMapLayer.
MADtedLayer (esriDefenseSolutions) A layer used to control the display of MA DTED Catalogs.
MARasterLayer (esriDefenseSolutions) A layer used to control the display of MA RPF Catalogs.
MemoryRelationshipClass A relationship class object that is stored in memory.
NetCDFWorkspace (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) The NetCDF workspace object.
NetworkDataset A container for querying information about a network dataset.
NetworkLayer (esriCarto) ESRI Network Layer CoClass.
ObjectClass ESRI Object Class object.
RasterBand (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterCatalog A collection of raster datasets in a Geodatabase table.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterLayer (esriCarto) Raster layer source and display options.
RasterWorkspace (esriDataSourcesRaster) The raster workspace object.
RelationshipClass ESRI Relationship Class object.
RelQueryTable An object that joins two datasets based on common data values.
RepresentationClass A Feature Class Representation object.
ResectionClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ResectionClass Class
RouteEventSource (esriLocation) Route event source object.
SchematicDataset (esriSchematic) Schematic Dataset Object.
SchematicDiagram (esriSchematic) Schematic Diagram Object.
SchematicDiagramClass (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class object.
SchematicElementClass (esriSchematic) Schematic element class object.
SchematicFolder (esriSchematic) Schematic Folder Object.
Sde3Workspace (esriDataSourcesGDB) ESRI SDE (3.x) Feature Database.
Sde4Workspace (esriDataSourcesGDB) ESRI SDE (4.x) Feature Database.
StandaloneTable (esriCarto) A standalone table.
StreetNetwork A container for describing a street network.
Table ESRI Table object.
TacheometryClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TacheometryClass Class
TemporalFeatureClass (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls settings for the temporal feature class.
TemporalFeatureLayer (esriTrackingAnalyst) Defines the coclass IDL parameters and attributes of the TemporalFeatureLayer COM object.
Terrain (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The ESRI Terrain component.
Tin The ESRI TIN component.
Topology ESRI Topology object.
TPSMeasurementClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TPSMeasurementClass Class
TPSSetupClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TPSSetupClass Class
TraverseClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TraverseClass Class
UtilityNetwork A container for describing a utility network.
VersionedWorkspace VersionedWorkspace Object.
WCSLayer (esriCarto) WCS layer source and display options.
Workspace Workspace Object.
XYEventSource XY event source object.


Not all of the methods and properties of IDataset are applicable to every type of dataset. For example, the Copy method should only be used on datasets from file-based data sources, and very few datasets will return values from the PropertySet property (coverages being a notable exception).

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