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IDatasetName Interface

Provides access to members that supply dataset name information. Note: the IDatasetName interface has been superseded by IDatasetName2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property Category The category of the dataset.
Read/write property Name The name of the dataset.
Read-only property SubsetNames Subset names contained within this dataset name.
Read-only property Type The type of the dataset.
Read/write property WorkspaceName The WorkspaceName of the DatasetName.

CoClasses that implement IDatasetName

CoClasses and Classes Description
AMSDatasetName (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the settings for the tracking dataset names.
CadastralFabricName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) ESRI Cadastral Fabric Name Object.
CadDrawingName (esriDataSourcesFile) Cad Drawing Name object
CoverageFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage Feature Class information.
CoverageName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage information.
FeatureClassName ESRI Feature Class Name object.
FeatureDatasetName ESRI Feature Dataset Name object.
FeatureQueryName ESRI Feature Query Name object.
FgdbFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Feature Class Name object.
FgdbTableName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
GeometricNetworkName ESRI Geometric Network Name object.
GPToolboxName (esriGeoprocessing) Light-weight object referencing a geoprocessing toolbox.
GPToolName (esriGeoprocessing) Light-weight object referencing a geoprocessing tool.
MemoryRelationshipClassName A name class that represents as in memory relationship class.
NetCDFFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) A container for name information about a NetCDF feature class.
NetCDFRasterDatasetName (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) A container for name information about a NetCDF raster dataset.
NetCDFTableName (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) A container for name information about a NetCDF table.
NetworkDatasetName A container for describing this network dataset's name properties.
ObjectClassName ESRI Object Class Name object.
RasterBandName A container for name information about a raster band.
RasterCatalogName ESRI RasterCatalog Name object.
RasterDatasetName A container for name information about a raster dataset.
RelationshipClassName ESRI Relationship Class Name object.
RelQueryTableName A name class that represents a RelQueryTable.
RepresentationClassName Name coclass for representation classes.
RouteEventSourceName (esriLocation) Route event source name object.
SchematicDatasetName (esriSchematic) Schematic dataset name object.
SchematicDiagramClassName (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram class name object.
SchematicDiagramName (esriSchematic) Schematic diagram name object.
SchematicFolderName (esriSchematic) Schematic folder name object.
SchematicWorkspaceName (esriSchematic) Schematic workspace name object.
SdeRasterTableName (esriDataSourcesRaster) A container for name information about an SDE Raster.
SurveyClassName (esriSurveyExt) SurveyClassName Class
SurveyDatasetName (esriSurveyExt) SurveyDatasetName Class
SurveyFolderName (esriSurveyExt) SurveyFolderName Class
SurveyName (esriSurveyExt) SurveyName Class
TableName ESRI Table Name object.
TableQueryName ESRI Table Query Name object.
TerrainName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) ESRI Terrain Name object.
TinName The ESRI TinName component.
TopologyName ESRI Topology Name object.
XYEventSourceName A name object that defines the objects needed to create an XY event layer.


DatasetName is an abstract class that covers Name objects for datasets in a workspace.

DatasetName objects identify and locate datasets within a workspace. In addition they may carry additional properties that describe the named dataset. DatasetName objects supports methods to access metadata for the named object (via the optional IMetadata interface) and to manage privileges for the dataset (via the ISQLPriveleges interface).

The DatasetName object for any existing dataset can be obtained by reading the IDataset::FullName property. DatasetName objects may also be created to specify new datasets that are to be created by some operation.

The IDatasetName interface provides access to the basic properties of a dataset name object.

The Name property returns the identifier for the dataset within the context of its workspace. Note that the value of the name property of the dataset name object (IDatasetName::Name) is the same as the value of the name property for the dataset (IDataset::Name). The WorkspaceName property returns the workspace name object for the workspace containing the dataset being specified by this dataset name object.

You can use the IDataset::FullName property to get a dataset name object from the actual dataset object.

A dataset name can also refer to a dataset that does not yet exist. This is useful when creating new data, for example with the feature data converters.

[Visual Basic 6.0]

This example goes from a feature class to a feature class name.

Dim pFeatureClassName As IFeatureClassName
Dim pDataset As IDataset
Set pDataset = pFeatureclass
Set pFeatureClassName = pDataset.FullName

This example makes a new feature class name—the key properties to set are Name and WorkspaceName.

Dim pWorkspaceName As IWorkspaceName
Set pWorkspaceName = New WorkspaceName
pWorkspaceName.WorkspaceFactoryProgID = “esriDataSourcesGDB.AccessWorkspaceFactory”
pWorkspaceName.PathName = “D:\data\geodatabases\Usa.mdb”
Dim pFeatureClassName As IFeatureClassName
Set pFeatureClassName = New FeatureClassName
Dim pDatasetName As IDatasetName
Set pDatasetName = pFeatureClassName
pDatasetName.Name = “Land_use”
Set pDatasetName.WorkspaceName = pWorkspaceName


IDatasetName Example