ArcObjects Library Reference  (GeoDatabase)    

IMetadataEdit Interface

Provides access to members that provide information about whether metadata can be edited.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read-only property CanEditMetadata Indicates if metadata can be edited.

CoClasses that implement IMetadataEdit

CoClasses and Classes Description
CadastralFabric (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) A container for querying information about a cadastral fabric.
CadastralFabricName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) ESRI Cadastral Fabric Name Object.
CadDrawingName (esriDataSourcesFile) Cad Drawing Name object
CoverageFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage Feature Class information.
CoverageName (esriDataSourcesFile) Maintains ArcInfo Coverage information.
FeatureClassName ESRI Feature Class Name object.
FeatureDatasetName ESRI Feature Dataset Name object.
FgdbFeatureClassName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Feature Class Name object.
FgdbTableName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
GeometricNetwork ESRI Geometric Network object.
GeometricNetworkName ESRI Geometric Network Name object.
GxCadDataset (esriCatalog) A Cad Feature Class or Drawing dataset.
GxCoverageDataset (esriCatalog) A Coverage, Feature Class or Info Table dataset.
GxDatabase (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a database.
GxDataGraph (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents data graph.
GxDataset (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a dataset.
GxDiskConnection (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a disk connection.
GxExcelFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a excel file.
GxFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a file.
GxFolder (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a folder.
GxGDSGeodatabase (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Geodatabase connection.
GxLayer (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a layer.
GxMap (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a map.
GxMetadata (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents an XML file.
GxPCCoverage (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents PC Coverage.
GxPrjFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents GxPrjFile.
GxRasterDataset (esriCatalog) A Gx Raster dataset.
GxSDCDataset (esriCatalog) A SDC feature dataset, feature class or table.
GxShapefileDataset (esriCatalog) A Shapefile Feature Class or DBase Table.
GxShortcut (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents a shortcut to a GxObject.
GxStreetMapDataset (esriCatalog) A StreetMap feature class.
GxTextFile (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents the text file.
GxTool (esriGeoprocessingUI) Catalog object corresponding to geoprocessing tools.
GxToolbox (esriGeoprocessingUI) Catalog object corresponding to toolboxes.
GxVpfDataset (esriCatalog) A VPF Feature Class.
IMSFeatureClass (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Class.
IMSFeatureService (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Service.
IMSImageMap (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Image Map.
IMSMetadataService (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents ArcIMS Metadata Service.
IMSServiceName (esriGISClient) The IMS Service Name.
NetCDFRasterDatasetName (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) A container for name information about a NetCDF raster dataset.
NetworkDataset A container for querying information about a network dataset.
NetworkDatasetName A container for describing this network dataset's name properties.
ObjectClassName ESRI Object Class Name object.
RasterBand (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterBandName A container for name information about a raster band.
RasterCatalogName ESRI RasterCatalog Name object.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterDatasetName A container for name information about a raster dataset.
RelationshipClassName ESRI Relationship Class Name object.
SchematicDataset (esriSchematic) Schematic Dataset Object.
SchematicDatasetName (esriSchematic) Schematic dataset name object.
SchematicDiagram (esriSchematic) Schematic Diagram Object.
SchematicFolder (esriSchematic) Schematic Folder Object.
SchematicFolderName (esriSchematic) Schematic folder name object.
SearchResults (esriCatalog) GxObject that represents the search result.
TableName ESRI Table Name object.
Terrain (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The ESRI Terrain component.
TerrainName (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) ESRI Terrain Name object.
Tin The ESRI TIN component.
TinName The ESRI TinName component.
Topology ESRI Topology object.
TopologyName ESRI Topology Name object.