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IQueryName Interface

Provides access to the associated query definition. Note: the IQueryName interface has been superseded by IQueryName2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property QueryDef QueryDef of feature class name.

CoClasses that implement IQueryName

CoClasses and Classes Description
FeatureQueryName ESRI Feature Query Name object.
TableQueryName ESRI Table Query Name object.

    public void IQueryName__(IWorkspace workspace)
        IFeatureWorkspace featureWorkspace = (IFeatureWorkspace)workspace;
        IQueryDef queryDef = featureWorkspace.CreateQueryDef();
        //examples of query def construction

        //Valid sub fields
        queryDef.SubFields = "Parcel.Area, Parcel.Parcel_ID";
        //Invalid sub fields
        //queryDef.SubFields = "max(Parcel.Area) as Max_Area";

        //Valid tables
        queryDef.Tables = "Parcels, Owners"; 
        //Invalid tables
        //queryDef.Tables = "Parcels p, Owners o";
        //queryDef.Tables = "Owners INNER JOIN parcels ON Owners.Parcel_id = parcels.Parcel_id";

        //Valid where clause
        queryDef.WhereClause = "Owner.Name like '%Smith%' and Owner.Address like '%Main Street%'";
        //Invalid where clause
        //queryDef.WhereClause = "Owner.Name like '%Smith%' group by Owner.City_Address";

        //set QueryDef property
        IQueryName queryName = new TableQueryNameClass();
        queryName.QueryDef = queryDef;