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ITable.Select Method

A selection that contains the object ids selected by the specified query.

[Visual Basic 6.0]
Function Select(
    ByVal QueryFilter As IQueryFilter, _
    ByVal selType As esriSelectionType, _
    ByVal selOption As esriSelectionOption, _
    ByVal selectionContainer As IWorkspace _
) As ISelectionSet
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function Select ( _
    ByVal QueryFilter As IQueryFilter, _
    ByVal selType As esriSelectionType, _
    ByVal selOption As esriSelectionOption, _
    ByVal selectionContainer As IWorkspace _
) As ISelectionSet
public ISelectionSet Select (
    IQueryFilter QueryFilter,
    esriSelectionType selType,
    esriSelectionOption selOption,
    IWorkspace selectionContainer
public IselectionSet select (
    IQueryFilter QueryFilter,
    esriselectionType selType,
    esriselectionOption selOption,
    IWorkspace selectionContainer
  IQueryFilter* QueryFilter,
  esriSelectionType selType,
  esriSelectionOption selOption,
  IWorkspace* selectionContainer,
  ISelectionSet** SelectionSet


QueryFilter [in]

  QueryFilter is a parameter of type IQueryFilter

selType [in]

  selType is a parameter of type esriSelectionType

selOption [in]

  selOption is a parameter of type esriSelectionOption

selectionContainer [in]

  selectionContainer is a parameter of type IWorkspace

SelectionSet [out, retval]

  SelectionSet is a parameter of type ISelectionSet

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The Select method returns a selection set that holds either row IDs or row objects from the Table depending on the selection option. Multiple selection sets can be created on the same table. It is up to a client application or object to keep a reference on created selections and use them as appropriate. For example, a FeatureLayer creates and uses selections on a FeatureClass (a type of Table).

The selType parameter determines the type of selection set that will be created: an ID set, a snapshot, or a hybrid. See the ISelectionSet interface for a comparison of the three types.

When calling Select the selectionContainer parameter is no longer required. A null value should be passed as this parameter.

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