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IWorkspace Interface

Provides access to members that have information about the workspace.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read-only property ConnectionProperties The connection properties of the workspace.
Read-only property DatasetNames The DatasetNames in the workspace.
Read-only property Datasets The datasets in the workspace.
Method ExecuteSQL Executes the specified SQL statement.
Method Exists Checks if the workspace exists.
Method IsDirectory TRUE if the workspace is a file system directory.
Read-only property PathName The file system full path of the workspace.
Read-only property Type The Type of the Workspace.
Read-only property WorkspaceFactory The factory that created the workspace.

CoClasses that implement IWorkspace

CoClasses and Classes Description
AMSWorkspace (esriTrackingAnalyst) Controls the Tracking Server workspace COM object's properties.
NetCDFWorkspace (esriDataSourcesNetCDF) The NetCDF workspace object.
RasterWorkspace (esriDataSourcesRaster) The raster workspace object.
Sde3Workspace (esriDataSourcesGDB) ESRI SDE (3.x) Feature Database.
Sde4Workspace (esriDataSourcesGDB) ESRI SDE (4.x) Feature Database.
VersionedWorkspace VersionedWorkspace Object.
Workspace Workspace Object.


A Workspace is a container of spatial and non-spatial datasets such as feature classes, raster datasets and tables. It provides methods to instantiate existing datasets and to create new datasets. Workspaces are classified into types specified by the esriWorkspaceType enumerator; FileSystemWorkspace, LocalDatabaseWorkspace, and RemoteDatabaseWorkspace. Shapefiles and ArcInfo workspaces are examples of FileSystemWorkspace. A personal geodatabase stored in Access or a File Geodatabase is an example of a LocalDatabaseWorkspace.  A geodatabase stored in an RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2, SqlServer, or Informix and accessed via ArcSDE is an example of a RemoteDatabaseWorkspace.

The WorkspaceName for a workspace can be persisted, for example, in a map document. An application can call the Open method on the workspace name after loading it from persistent storage in order to connect to and get an object reference to the workspace.  A WorkspaceName name object can be returned from a workspace through the use of IDataset.FullName.

The IWorkspace interface provides methods for accessing various properties of a workspace, such as its connection properties, and the collection of datasets it contains.

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