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IGlobeGraphicsLayer Interface

Provides access to the Globe Graphics Layer.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method AddElement Adds a Graphics Element with specific Globe properties.
Method FindElement Find an element by name.
Method FindElementIndex Find an element index for fast access.
Method GetElementName Gets the name of an element.
Method GetElementTransformation Get the transformation of an element.
Method GetGlobeProperties Gets specific Globe properties.
Method GetIsElementVisible Get the visibility of an element.
Read/write property HasPerElementIllumination The option to apply per-element illumination.
Read-only property HasVisibleRasterizedElements Indicates if there are visible rasterized elements.
Read/write property IsHidden The option to hide the graphics layer from the TOC and avoid persistency.
Read/write property IsSelectable The option to allow element selection.
Method PutElementName Puts the name of an element.
Method PutIsElementVisible Set the visibility of an element.
Write-only property RasterizedSymbologyScalingFactor The symbol scale factor for rasterized graphics elements.
Method SetElementTransformation Set the transformation of an element.
Method SetGlobeProperties Sets specific Globe properties.
Method UpdateAllElements Refresh all elements.
Method UpdateElementByIndex Updates an element given its index.

CoClasses that implement IGlobeGraphicsLayer

CoClasses and Classes Description
GlobeGraphicsLayer The Globe Graphics Layer.