ArcObjects Library Reference  (LocationUI)    

ILocatorExtensionEvents Interface

Provides access to events that occur when locators are added to or removed from an ArcMap document.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

Use the ILocatorExtensionEvents interface when you want to respond to changes in the set of locators in an ArcMap document.


Event AllLocatorsRemoved All locators were removed from the ArcMap document.
Event CategoryRemoved Category of locators was removed from the ArcMap document.
Event CurrentLocatorChanged Current locator for the ArcMap document was changed.
Event LocatorAdded Locator was added to the ArcMap document.
Event LocatorRemoved Locator was removed from the ArcMap document.

CoClasses that implement ILocatorExtensionEvents

CoClasses and Classes Description
FindAddresses A plug-in for the Find dialog that finds addresses on a map.
LocatorExtension An extension for locators in ArcMap.
[Visual Basic 6.0]

To respond to events from this interface in Visual Basic, use the following declaration statement in a code or object module:

Dim WithEvents m_pLocatorExtensionEvents As LocatorExtension

Adding this code will add procedures to your Visual Basic module in which you can add code to respond to the events on this interface.