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ISurveyClass Interface

ISurveyClass Interface

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires Survey Analyst Extension.

When To Use

Use the ISurveyClass interface to access properties of an existing class within the survey dataset.


Read-only property AliasName Alias Name for the SurveyClass
Read/write property BrowseName The browse name of the dataset.
Method CanCopy True if this dataset can be copied.
Method CanDelete True if this dataset can be deleted.
Method CanRename True if this dataset can be renamed.
Read-only property Category The category of the dataset.
Method Copy Copies this dataset to a new dataset with the specified name.
Method Delete Deletes this dataset.
Read-only property Extension SurveyClass extension
Read-only property ExtensionClsid CLSID of the SurveyClass extension instance
Read-only property FullName The associated name object.
Read-only property GeometryDef Geometry parameters used with the managed SurveyObjects
Method GetSurveyObject Get a SurveyObject by its system identificator
Read-only property ID System identifier of the SurveyClass
Method JoinSearch Get pairs of joined SurveyObjects meeting certain criteria
Read-only property ModelID ID of the model that uses the class
Read-only property Name The name of the Dataset.
Read-only property ObjectClsid CLSID of a SurveyObject instance of the class
Method ObjectCount Get count of SurveyObjects meeting certain criteria
Read-only property PropertySet The set of properties for the dataset.
Method Rename Renames this Dataset.
Method Search Get SurveyObjects meeting certain criteria
Read-only property Subsets Datasets contained within this dataset.
Read-only property SurveyDataset Related SurveyDataset
Read-only property SurveyObjectType Type of the managed SurveyObjects
Read-only property Type The type of the Dataset.
Read-only property Workspace The workspace containing this dataset.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IDataset Provides access to members that supply dataset information.

CoClasses that implement ISurveyClass

CoClasses and Classes Description
AdjustmentClass (esriSurveyPkgs) AdjustmentClass Class
ASCoordinateClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ASCoordinateClass Class
ASPointClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ASPointClass Class
COGOAdjustmentClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOAdjustmentClass Class
COGOCircularCurveClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOCircularCurveClass Class
COGOCompositeMeasClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOCompositeMeasClass Class
COGODeflAngleDistClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODeflAngleDistClass Class
COGODeltaXYClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODeltaXYClass Class
COGODirDirInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDirInterClass Class
COGODirDistClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDistClass Class
COGODirDistInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODirDistInterClass Class
COGODistDistInterClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGODistDistInterClass Class
COGOFilletCurveClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOFilletCurveClass Class
COGOSimpleMeasClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOSimpleMeasClass Class
COGOStationAndOffsetClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOStationAndOffsetClass Class
COGOTraverseClass (esriSurveyPkgs) COGOTraverseClass Class
FreeStationClass (esriSurveyPkgs) FreeStationClass Class
ResectionClass (esriSurveyPkgs) ResectionClass Class
TacheometryClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TacheometryClass Class
TPSMeasurementClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TPSMeasurementClass Class
TPSSetupClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TPSSetupClass Class
TraverseClass (esriSurveyPkgs) TraverseClass Class


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