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IXMLVersionSupport Interface

Provides access to members that help in serializing an object to different namespaces (versions).

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read-only property MinNamespaceSupported The minimum namespace the class can serialize to (eg the 90 namespace).

CoClasses that implement IXMLVersionSupport

CoClasses and Classes Description
AbridgedMolodenskyTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates an Abridged Molodensky transformation.
AdjustXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) An adjustment (rubber sheeting) transform class.
AISRequest (esriCarto) An executable AIS request on an Image Service.
ApproximationXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A transformation that approximates other transformations.
BasicFillSymbol (esriDisplay) Basic fill symbol object.
BasicLineSymbol (esriDisplay) Basic line symbol object.
BasicMarkerSymbol (esriDisplay) Basic marker symbol object.
CacheControlInfo (esriCarto) Cache control info object.
CacheDescriptionInfo (esriCarto) Cache description info object.
CacheInfo (esriCarto) A Cache Info object.
CharacterMarkerSymbol (esriDisplay) A marker symbol based on a character from a font.
ClassBreaksRenderer (esriCarto) A renderer that can be used to draw graduated color (choropleth) and graduated symbol maps.
CompositeXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A composite geodata transform collection class.
CoordinateFrameTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a Coordinate Frame transformation.
CoordinateXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A coordinate transform class.
DataElements (esriGeoDatabase) A collection of Data Element objects.
DEBrowseOptions (esriGeoDatabase) Data Element Browse Options Class.
DEGeoDataServer (esriGeoDatabase) GeoDataServer Object Data Element object.
DEGlobeServer (esriGeoDatabase) MapServer Object Data Element object.
DEGPServer (esriGeoDatabase) MapServer Object Data Element object.
DEImageServer (esriDataSourcesRaster) Image Service Object Data Element object.
DEMapServer (esriGeoDatabase) MapServer Object Data Element object.
DERepresentationClass (esriGeoDatabase) Representation Class Data Element object.
DEWCSCoverage (esriDataSourcesRaster) WCS Coverage Object Data Element object.
FilterDefs (esriGeoDatabase) An array of filter definition objects.
GCSShiftXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A GCS shift geodata transform class.
GDSData (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) An object that transports GeoDataServer data.
GDSExportOptions (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) An object used to specify GeoDataServer export options.
GDSQueryResultPortion (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) An object used to return results of queries made against a GeoDataServer.
GeocentricTranslation (esriGeometry) Creates a geocentric translation.
GeoImageDescription (esriCarto) A class that specifies an image to read from an ArcGIS server image service.
GeometricXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A geometric transform class.
GeometryResultOptions (esriGeoDatabase) ESRI Geometry export options object.
GlobeGraphicElementPropsStreamArray (esriGlobeCore) The array of Globe Graphics Element for XML/SOAP streaming.
GlobeGraphicsElementProperties (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Graphics Element Properties.
GlobeGraphicsLayer (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Graphics Layer.
GlobeLayerInfo (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Layer Info coclass provides information about a globe layer.
GlobeLayerInfos (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Layer Info coclass collection.
GlobeLegendInfo (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Legend Info coclass provides information about a globe layer.
GlobeLegendInfos (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Legend Info collection coclass.
GlobeServerFindResult (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Server Find Result coclass provides information about a 'find result'.
GlobeServerFindResults (esriGlobeCore) The Globe server find result collection.
GlobeServerIdentifyResult (esriGlobeCore) The Globe Server Identify Result coclass provides information about an 'identify result'.
GlobeServerIdentifyResults (esriGlobeCore) The Globe server identify result collection.
GPParameterInfos (esriGeoprocessing) GP Parameter Infos Class.
GPReplica (esriGeoDatabase) A GPReplica object
GPReplicaDataset (esriGeoDatabase) A replica dataset.
GPReplicaDatasets (esriGeoDatabase) A collection of replica dataset objects.
GPReplicaDescription (esriGeoDatabase) Defines the data to replicate or extract.
GPReplicaOptions (esriGeoDatabase) Defines replica options.
GPToolInfos (esriGeoprocessing) GP Tool Infos Class.
GPValues (esriGeoprocessing) GP Values Class.
GPVersionInfo (esriGeoDatabase) The (GP) VersionInfo object.
GPVersionInfos (esriGeoDatabase) A collection of GPVersionInfo objects.
GraphicElements (esriCarto) The Graphic Elements collection CoClass.
HARNTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a HARN-based transformation.
IdentityXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) An identity transform class.
ImageServiceInfo (esriCarto) A class that provides information on an ArcGIS server image service.
LayerCacheInfo (esriCarto) The layer cache info object provides information about a layer's cache in a cached map service.
LayerCacheInfos (esriCarto) A collection of LayerCacheInfo objects.
LayerDescriptions (esriCarto) A collection of Layer Description objects.
LayerResultOptions (esriCarto) Layer Result Options CoClass.
LegendClasses (esriCarto) A collection of LegendClass objects.
LegendGroups (esriCarto) A collection of LegendGroup objects.
LODInfo (esriCarto) A LOD Info object.
LODInfos (esriCarto) A collection of LOD Info objects.
LongitudeRotationTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a longitude rotation transformation.
MapDescriptions (esriCarto) A collection of Map Description objects.
MapFrameDescriptions (esriCarto) A collection of Map Frame Description objects.
MapImages (esriCarto) A collection of Map Image objects.
MapLayerInfos (esriCarto) A collection of Map Layer Info objects.
MapServerBookmarks (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Bookmark objects.
MapServerFindResults (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Find Result objects.
MapServerHyperlinks (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Hyperlink objects.
MapServerIdentifyResults (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Identify Result objects.
MapServerLegendClasses (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Legend Class objects.
MapServerLegendGroups (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Legend Group objects.
MapServerLegendInfos (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Legend Info objects.
MapServerRelationships (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Relationship objects.
MapServerRows (esriCarto) A collection of Map Server Row objects.
MolodenskyBadekasTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a Molodensky-Badekas transformation.
MolodenskyTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a Molodensky transformation.
NACandidateFieldMap (esriNetworkAnalyst) Field Map holding default value and candidate fields.
NAClassCandidateFieldMap (esriNetworkAnalyst) Candidate field maps of an NAClass.
NADCONTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a NADCON-based transformation.
NAServerClosestFacilityParams (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the closest facility solver settings and return parameters used by NAServer.
NAServerClosestFacilityResults (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the closest facility network analysis results returned by NAServer.
NAServerNetworkAttribute (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for network attribute.
NAServerNetworkDescription (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for network description.
NAServerNetworkSource (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for network source.
NAServerPropertySets (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for an array of PropertySet objects representing network locations.
NAServerRecordSet (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for a RecordSet of network locations.
NAServerRouteParams (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the route solver settings and return parameters used by NAServer.
NAServerRouteResults (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the route network analysis results returned by NAServer.
NAServerServiceAreaParams (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the service area solver settings and return parameters used by NAServer.
NAServerServiceAreaResults (esriNetworkAnalyst) A container for the service area network analysis results returned by NAServer.
NetworkGlobalTurnDelayCategory (esriGeoDatabase) A container for defining global turn delay for a specified angle category and from, to, and cross road category.
NTv2Transformation (esriGeometry) Creates a NTv2-based transformation.
PansharpeningFilter (esriDataSourcesRaster) A class for pansharpening filter.
PictureFillSymbol (esriDisplay) A fill symbol based on either a BMP or an EMF picture.
PolygonArray (esriGeometry) A collection of Polygon objects.
PolylineArray (esriGeometry) A collection of Polyline objects.
PolynomialXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A polynomial transform class.
PositionVectorTransformation (esriGeometry) Creates a Position Vector transformation.
PropertySetArray A collection of IPropertySet objects.
QueryResult (esriCarto) A Query Result CoClass for storing information about the results of a query.
QueryResultOptions (esriCarto) Query Result Options CoClass.
RepresentationMarker (esriDisplay) A representation marker object.
RepresentationRule (esriDisplay) An object defining a representation rule.
ResultPortionInfo (esriGeoDatabase) A class used to define query result portion options.
RPCXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) transform class.
SchemaChangeInfo (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) ESRI Schema Change Info object.
SimpleRenderer (esriCarto) A simple renderer where the same symbol is drawn for each feature.
SplineXform (esriDataSourcesRaster) A Thin Plate Spline transform class.
TileCacheInfo (esriCarto) A Tile Cache Info object.
TileImageInfo (esriCarto) A Tile Image Info object.
UniqueValueRenderer (esriCarto) A unique values renderer where symbols are assigned to features based on an unique attribute values.
XMLFilterDef (esriGeoDatabase) ESRI XML Filter Definition object.