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This is an archive of a previous version of the ArcGIS REST API. The current version can be found at

URL http://<host>/<instance>/rest/services
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The catalog resource is the root node and initial entry point into an ArcGIS Server host. This resource represents a catalog of folders and services published on the host.

The current version of the server is also returned in the response (introduced at 9.3.1). The value of the version is a number such that its value at a future release is guaranteed to be greater than its value at a previous release.

Resource Hierarchy



Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | kmz | sitemap | geositemap

Note: Support for the sitemap and geositemap formats was added at 9.3 SP1.

The sitemap and geositemap formats generate XML Sitemaps which can be submitted to various search engines. The sitemap format includes the Services Directory URLs to all your services. The geositemap format includes the KMZ footprint URLs to your map and image services. Note that if you have enabled security, an empty sitemap will be generated.

Example Usage

Example 1: URL for the root directory on sampleserver1:

JSON Response Syntax

Note: The currentVersion property was added to the JSON response at 9.3.1

"currentVersion": <currentVersion>,
"folders":["<folderName1>", "<folderName2>"],
{"name" : "<serviceName1>", "type" : "<serviceType1>"},
{"name" : "<serviceName2>", "type" : "<serviceType2>"}

JSON Response Example

"currentVersion": 9.31,
"folders":["Editing", "USA"],
{"name" : "Anaheim", "type" : "MapServer"},
{"name" : "Switzerland", "type" : "MapServer"},
{"name" : "USALocator", "type" : "GeocodeServer"}