Using Bing™ Maps overview

Bing Maps (formerly Microsoft Virtual Earth) offers access to rich map imagery and data as well as robust search, location, and routing services. The ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF enables the integration of Bing map data and services in Silverlight applications using components provided in the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Bing library. Access to the Bing services platform requires explicit registration with Microsoft. The subsequent use of Bing services in the ArcGIS Silverlight API requires that you generate and provide a token when utilizing a Bing component.

To get started, you need a Bing Maps developer account. Access to the free (staging) and for-fee (production) Bing services is bundled with the purchase of ArcGIS Server. Obtain your Bing Maps user name and password from your ArcGIS Server administrator. If your administrator does not have a Bing Maps developer account, contact ESRI Customer Service to learn which Bing services you can access and to obtain a Bing Maps developer account.

Once you have an account, see the topic on using the Bing Maps token service for further information on using your credentials to generate a token you can use to work with Bing Maps services.